Meant to be p2p

tor 11 oktober 2012

During this winter we meet at Royal Institute of Art to continue our endeavors and would be very happy if you joined us. This is the first part of a long series of workshops that we will run. We meet in "hus 28", near the water, behind the main building. Can not find the way? call 0760440023.

Meant to be p2p - 6 November - 27 November

Internet is a distributed network but our behaviors are ruled and monitored by central services like google and facebook. Let's continue to look to distributed technologies and adhoc networking and make use of internet the way is was meant to be: p2p. If internet is a image of our way of functioning, why not exploring all its potential? 6 November -----------

Reading the Telekommunis Manifesto:

....encouraging hackers and artists to embrace the revolutionary potential of the internet for a truly free society, The Telekommunist Manifesto is a political-conceptual call to arms in the fight against capitalism.

The text is here.

  • Facilitator: Bibi

13 November

  • Introduction to Distributed hash tables.
  • Facilitator: Adis

20 November and 27 November

  • We will continue to work with our project Dandelion and also find out if we can develop a new project around Distributed hash tables.