Sparvnästet - join us!

Publicerad: 2012-07-25


The internet has revolutionised society by giving us openaccess to information. It has also been shown how closely the internet and the social and collective spheres are linked. Controlling information is a form of power, and today this power is in the hands of government organisations and corporations. Due to its open availability, many forces are keen on regulating and limiting information access on the internet Hacking is a way of liberating, opening and accessing various kinds of information. In this respect, it is a resistance movement, a highly self-organised and anarchic fashion. Hacking involves manipulation of existing computer systems and political structures. It is also a labyrinthine experimentation that explores new fields. It is used as a method of putting programming to new purposes. Sparvnästet) (The Sparrow's Nest) is a Swedish hackerspace that meets every Tuesday evening at 6.00 pm to hack together. Everyone is welcome to participate. They learn from each other, experimenting and examining grey zones in complex technological systems by creating interventions in them. Sparvnästet is featured at Screen with the work Join Us;, a film introduction describing the collective's aims to liberate different kinds of information and make it available.


Publicerad: 2012-05-23

Sparvnästet är ett hackspace i Stockholm. Just nu har vi ingen fast lokal lr mötesplats. Då och då dyker vi upp här och där och gör saker. Håll utkik här efter nyheter.

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