Hack The Air!

tis 09 oktober 2012

It is time for our WiFi hacking workshops. This and the following Tuesday (9th and 16th Oct) we will explore all kinds of dirty tricks and general mayhem that can be sent through the air. As usual, there is no fee and no registration is required.

Note that the second workshop will be held at our new venue at Flaggmansvägen 1 c/o Konsthögskolan.

Roughly, the first workshop will cover the basics: Configuring signal strength of your WiFi card, sniffing traffic in monitor mode with Wireshark, beating MAC filters, finding hidden SSIDs, WEP cracking, deauth DoS, etc..

For the second workshop we will try to build a rouge AP infrastructure, aka Bad Neighbor attack. The goal is to trick a client to connect to the rouge AP and proxy the traffic while monitoring and injecting contents.